Generally known as Tinu in real life and as ayekat on the all-encompassing International Network.

As Tinu, spending his time mistreating guitars, watching TV series with his lovely girlfriend, finishing his Master's Degree at the EPFL (with a little delay), taking pictures with his camera, and occasionally scribbling stick figures on paper (including his avatar picture that you can see to the right). Considers himself to be multilingual, although most comfortable speaking an odd alemannic accent and writing in an odd germanic dialect. Please see his CV in case you want the full load of boring details—or if you want to throw some money at a poor student (optionally in exchange for code).

As ayekat, spending his time constantly rewriting a window manager, tinkering on his home network and devices, caring a lot about where user configuration should go, and occasionally disposing brain excrements on this blog. Usually idles around on irc.libera.chat, but can also be contacted via XMPP (@ayekat.ch) or via mail (not @ayekat.ch, despite of what the following PGP key tells you):

FE8C F63A D230 6FD4 1A55 00E6 DCD4 5EAF 921A 7822

this site

Ephemeral trivia with negligible impact on the environment. An ever-changing landscape shaped by unfocused brain activity. The devourer of its author's time.

Known as ayekat.ch, a misshappen manifestation of vanity.

Known as zuepfe.net, an undone work left in Limbo.

There is not much to say. It has gone from simple, handwritten HTML pages to badly written blog platform in PHP back to a handwritten HTML page to slightly less badly written blog platform in Python.

It has left the author with the knowlege that the Web is bad.

This canary is alive.