(and other halfway forgotten things)

Back in the old days of Unix, things used to be a little different. While this may sound like I'm another one of those who like to dwell in the "good old times", that is not really the case. I have only encountered Unix (through Linux) in the late 00's of the ongoing century, so the best I can do is an archaeological approach—which incidentally makes it all the more interesting.

A few random things I've found (and a few myths and backronyms that I've found to be rather wrong):

When GNU/Linux entered the scene (roughly 20 years later), that layout had already become semi-formalised. As a result, we now find ourselves in this legacy-loaded mess.

But hey, at least it is somewhat standardised! And there is a slow-but-steady effort to improve the hierarchy: currently, the various bin and lib directories are being merged together (although, on some distributions the arbitrary split between sbin and bin is still retained).

Other old trivia that is not hierarchy- but still filesystem-related:

The list is admittedly a bit short. I will extend this over time whenever I stumble over another trivia that I find interesting.

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