After about 3 years of being offline, I have finally found some time to hack together a webcomic-panel like structure on this website to re-publish my stick figure drawings. I used to refer to them as sannies, but I find the name a bit silly, so… sketches it is!

For those of you who don't know what this is all about: I used to draw stick figures during the classes in high school (and early EPFL) as "memory aids"—hence the name sannies (Sketches As Notes). Over the years, I have started to scribble down all kinds of other things, though; I got some positive feedback, and I thought "why not?"

So besides the early "course topic" ones and snapshots of awkward and interesting classroom scenes (sometimes depictions of my frustration), the portfolio now contains a somewhat extensive collection of "capture the mood"-like drawings:


And there should be most of it—the rather embarassing ones (for historical accuracy) as well as the countless depictions of our main class teacher. She might have had a little rough job with the bunch of us—me included… but hey, despite my abyssmal french skills back then, I've made it to Lausanne! Have I redeemed myself?

A.S.She was awesome.

I haven't yet finished the series on poor old Dr. Goldstein, although there are two more drawings that I haven't scanned in yet—there's more to come! Unfortunately, academic institutions don't value free time as much as I'd love them to, so that's going to be another thing to do this summer.

As a final remark, if I may: my main motivation for this was actually just to properly explain the origin of my online avatar picture:

the camera man

camera man

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