I apologise for the 4.1 MiB and their potential effect on your quota. Although… something something modern websites deal with it

Cleaning up my photographs from the past year, I came across a few things I considered worthy to be shared. The first thing is probably this video showing the effects of sunlight shining on a bird window sticker through leaves moving in the wind:

… and yes, this is the original speed at which it was recorded. If you don't believe me, feel free to play the video again a few times. After all, make use of the 4.1 MiB I just made you download for seeing this page.

And just for the pinch of technical'ism in this blog:

ffmpeg -i DSC_0203.MOV -c:v libvpx -crf 5 -b:v 2M -an bird.webm

VP8/VP9 experts, awake and cringe! Or contact me and tell me all the things that are wrong with that line.

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